Edmond Guizol

Edmond Guizol: a magician with clay

The work of ceramist Edmond Guizol has been compared to the relentless research of a grand couturier. In the skillful assembly of the different clays we discover an elegance and simplicity of pattern, the delicate traces of composition, and the random effects of the kiln. Through the magic of fire, Edmond Guizol creates a work of art.

With a magician's sleight of hand he takes a solid form and transforms it into a sphere of weightlessness. Time stands still as he forces us to look again at what we thought we understood and teaches us the perfectly mastered language of his poetry. Poetry that is so sincere and visceral that it speaks directly to our subconscious. His creations are infused with an immeasurable lightness, subtlety and joyfulness.They have been stripped back to a simplicity that reveals the true richness and immortality ot their beauty.